HPL laminated MgO Board
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HPL laminated MgO Board



WELLYOUNG HPL laminated MgO Board is a new decorative product designed for cleaning rooms. It is used WELLYOUNG MgO board as the substrate board, and compounded with high quality gluing melamine sheet on the surface. This product combines the advantages of fireproof, electrostatic-proof, sound proof, moisture proof, mildew proof, anti insects, abrasion resistant and clean, and also has the advantages of other clean decorative materials. It not only can be used in clean room wall systems, but also the suspending systems and floor systems, and specially for indoor decoration and furniture making.

WELLYOUNG HPL laminated MgO Board

Core Material:


Front Surface:


Back Surface:

HPL frontside / HPL backside/ standard MgO board backside


One-sided:HPL + MgO,

Two-sided:HPL + MgO + HPL


Standard size: 1,200*2,400mm

Max size: 1,200*3,000mm

Special size can be customized.


MgO board 3 to 12mm, HPL sheet: 0.5 or 0.8mm

HPL color:

Solid color (such as white, red, blue, orange, green, ect.) & wood grain (such as beech, cherry, walnut, teak, oak, maple, sapele, ect.). More than 300 kinds of color are available.

Surface Treatment:

Matt, textured, glossy or embossed


Fireproof Grade A


Moisture proof

Abrasion Resistance

Anti bacteria

No formaldehyde

Clean and no dust

Easy to install

Save cost in maintenance and labor cost


Partition wall

Interior wall surface

Furniture making

Whole kitchen

Application 1

Substitute for HPL surface MDF board, like wardrobe, cabinet, siding door & meow

Application 2

Substitute for plywood, to used for whole kitchen

Application 3

Substitute for fiber cement board, in tunnel wall, hospital wall and food factory

Application 4

Substitute for wood and marble, in hotel, entertainment, gymnasium



Advantage of our WELLYOUNG Compact Laminate board:

1. Scratch, wear, impact resistance, extremely durable;

2. resistant to water, moisture, and easy to clean;

3. resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns;

4. resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion;

5. environmental friendly and no toxic.

6. Various surface processing and colors

7. CNC deep processing are provided


Characteristics of WELLYOUNG HPL surface Decorative MgO board

• Environmental friendly and Security

A green product, zero radioactivity, does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. It does not produce any harmful gases and smoke when meet high temperature or fire. The surface is non-toxic, and can be touched with food in food shop.

• Anti Bacteria and Anti Insects

The surface does not have holes, and this is good for antibacterial and anti- insects. It also has good performance on the prevention of alkaline or acidic agents, iodine tincture and blood.

• Easy to clean

The high density surface can prevent the permeation of dirt, and can be easily cleaned out with a piece of wet cloth. And, it’s anti acid and alkali, you can use the detergent to clean the surface.

• Moisture proof

The core material is inorganic material containing rear earth, and its bending strength won’t slow down in wet, and also won’t be corroded and mildewed.

High bending strength and impact resistance:

the bending strength of 5mm board can reach to 30MPA. The high density surface has good impact resistance, and can not be easily destroyed.

• Fireproof: Grade A

• Multi-functional

Can be used as decorative wall and furniture with excellent effect in interior design.

• low maintenance cost and long service life.

Easy processing and fast installation which can save a lot of time and labor cost.

• Variety of decoration effect

Various of colors, designs and patterns for you to choose, can meet different customer’s needs.


It can be used as decorative wall and furniture with excellent effect in interior design

Benefits A green material to replace wood board. not only create best perfect visual effective but also lower the cost of solid wood.

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You can choose HPL color according to the company's color card