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Standard MgO board

Magnesium Oxide board (also called MGO board, MGO Panel, Fireproof board and so on.) is a multifunctional building material, with properties that give advantages in many construction structures.

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Subfloor MgO board

MgO Subfloor board is a kind of super high quality MgO board with most strong. It is mainly used to replace traditional plywood or fiber cement board, as the subfloor or underlayment for the Light steel or Timber framing structure buildings.

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Lightweight MgO board

Lightweight MgO board is using EPS particles to replace wood chips, which can make itself more lightweight, in a lower density. And, it performs better in fire retardant, sound and heat insulation, more stable dimension, without feed mold or mildew.

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Sanded Mgo board

Sanded MgO board surface is by sanded treatment,which made it more smooth and flat, the thickness is more accurate, is suitable for lamination with PVC film, HPL sheet, paper, etc.

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MgO Flooring Core

Wellyoung flooring core board is a kind of high-density inorganic material made of magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate as the main raw materials, adding perlite, bamboo powder and high-strength fiberglass cloth…

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