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PVC laminated MgO board

WELLYOUNG PVC laminated MgO board is used PVC film as surface material and MgO board as base board. This product provides one more new choice for colorful space and fireproof materials.

What is PVC film?

PVC film, is a newly-developed environmentally friendly material. It can be used and applied for the surface finishing of furniture, doors, cabinets, interior decoration etc.

PVC film has various colors and design, such as walnut, beech, cherry, pine, umeki, rosewood. zebra texture, maple, oak, camphor, ash, teak, mahogany, alder, cassia etc. --more than 200 colors.

PVC film’s advantages: 

emulation effect, super stereoscopic impression, waterproof, acid & alkali resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, paint free, self-extinguishing from fire, easy to use, it's a new type of environmentally friendly products.

Main features of PVC film: clearly pattern, stability color, high light fastness, good flatness, low shrinkage, strong viscosity by vacuum, good touch feel. As it is unfading, it could be simply operated without any paint, which not only shortens the time limit of a project but also cuts down the cost. Without the smell of paint, it is really an ideal material for indoor decoration and furniture making industry.


Face: PVC film 

Base Board: WELLYOUNG MgO board



Surface Treatment: Matt, textured, glossy or embossed

PVC Film color:Solid color (such as white, red, blue, orange, green, ect.) & wood grain (such as beech, cherry, walnut, teak, oak, maple, sapele, ect.). More than 300 kinds color are available.


can be used as decorative wall and furniture with excellent effect in interior design.

Features of WELLYOUNG PVC film laminated MgO board

1. Acid Resistance and Alkali Resistance

2. Easy to Clean

3. Abrasive Resistance: The hardness is more than 3H; the abrasive resistance is more than 100,000. The UV coating film is strongly enough to be frayed and keeping bright.

4. Healthiness and Environmental Protection

5. Rich in Color: The color of product can be Customized.

6. Easy in Machining: The product can be easy treated and edge-covered.


WELLYOUNG PVC film laminated MgO board is widely used as interior decoration material and is the best material for cupboard; wardrobe door, sliding doors, furniture inner doors, bathroom decoration, kitchen cabinet and other indoor decoration.


Color Card                                                  

You can choose PVC film color and design according to the company's color card 

Nature woodgrain PVC film


Delicate printing PVC film


Leather and Cloth design PVC film