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HPL laminated perforated Acoustic panel


WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO Acoustic panel: WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO Acoustic panel is using fireproof MGO board as base board, surface is fireproof HPL sheet, is processed by precision automatic equipment.

The special design, is based on the work principle of Micro porous structure system. It’s not only have good sound absorption effect, but also looks great on visual.

WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO Acoustic panel is fireproof acoustic panel. It’s fireproof, sound proof, moisture proof, mildew proof, anti insects having thickness of 15mm.

WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO    Acoustic panel
Core Material:>WELLYOUNG Grey MgO board (not traditional MDF board)
Front Surface:>HPL sheet according to color card,>Nature wood veneer also available with customized painting
Back Surface:>Black Thin Non-woven Fabric attached the back
Width:>128mm, 197mm or according to customer requirements
Length:>2400mm or according to customer requirements
Groove Width>3mm
Hole Aperture>3mm, 6mm, 8mm optional
Hole Type>E: Linear Hole>V: Rhombic Hole
Tolerance:>Width +-0.1mm, length +-2mm
Connection:>Tongue & Groove edge

Grooved type and Perforated type


Decorative Grooved MgO Acoustic panel

Decorative Perforated MgO Acoustic panel

Remark: Acoustic Wool are not include. If you need, acoustic wool can be provided.


Home TheaterConference Hall
Recording StudioSchool
TV StationResearching lab
Meeting RoomsOpera house


Main innovation of Decorative MgO Acoustic panel
1. Bring the concept of inorganic fire retardant and anti-static into the sound absorption decoration field, which enriches the performance of sound absorption materials

2. Use a variety of materials and multilayer structure, and take advantage of acoustic principle. Good effect on the absorption of high frequency sound

3. With the special design, this product not only has the performance of fireproof and anti-static, but also the performance of sound absorption and good looking that brought by the Micro porous structure system.

4. Add the conductive material to the inorganic fire retardant materials which can make the material have the function of anti-static, also it does not reduce the fire performance. The adding material of rear earth can form micro porous structure which can make the material have the function of sound absorption.

Characteristics of Decorative MgO Acoustic panel
1. Scientific application – In the light of acoustic principles, using a variety of materials and multi-layer structure, WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO Acoustic Panel is excellent at reducing noises, especially effective for absorbing high and middle frequency noises.

2. Environmental friendly and Security - No formaldehyde, No radiation, No harmful substances such as heavy metals. All the materials conform to the country's environmental protection standards and is harmless to human’s health.

3. Best Fire resistance – Fireproof Grade A1 – Non combustible – Better fireproof performance than wood core material. It has already been tested by authoritative organization.

4. Moisture proof and mildew proof - it is made of high density moisture-proofing and mildew-proofing material. The surface will not be delaminated, unglued, peeling or bubble.

5. Easy to install - Light steel keel construction is applied.

6. Stable Acoustic Performance - The sound absorption coefficient is not affected by the environment and time. Stable performance on sound absorption

7. Strong Strength - not easy to damage during the transportation, installation and using. The strength does not reduce even in wet condition

8. Electrostatic prevention -  WELLYOUNG Decorative MgO Acoustic Panel (Volume resistivity is 1×106~1×108Ω) can effectively prevent the electrostatic discharge phenomenon. Thus, it can help to reduce the dust adsorption and will keep the indoor air clean and decrease maintenance cost 

9. Artistic Decoration Effect – A variety of colors and design for you to choose, can create a excellent visual effect

10. Low maintenance cost – Anti insects, anti fungal and anti bacterial.

11. Industrial production - no more an extensive production, automatically controlled by computers, standardized and large scale production, improved is production capability and ensured is products quality. 

Model of Decorative Grooved MgO Acoustic panel                                     11.jpg              

Model of Decorative Perforated MgO Acoustic panel






More Installation Method, please contact us. / Please download here.

Color Card                                                  

You can choose HPL color according to the company's color card Please go to HPL surface MgO board to choose the color you need.


We can supply MDF slotted perforated panel as well. If you want to know more about decorative MgO acoustic panel or decorative MDF acoustic panel, please  directly send your inquiry to our email: