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Base Perforated Acoustic panel

WELLYOUNG Base Perforated acoustic panel has two types: MgO perforated acoustic panel and gypsum perforated acoustic panel. Other types can be customized.

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Perforated Acoustic Panel

We can supply two types base board perforated Acoustic panel: Mgo board perforated panel and Gypsum board perforated panel.  

WELLYOUNG Perforated Acoustic Panel is designed on the basis of helholtz resonance theorem. After perforated, the holes, board and the wall make up of many resonant cavities, when air molecules pass the holes, the resonant cavities will consume large quantities of sound energy. 

WELLYOUNG Perforated Acoustic Panel is one of the best sound absorption products, it ie widely used in Auditorium, office, cinema, church, hospital. School and so on.


Base board

MgO board or Gypsum board


Acoustic non-woven cloth, white or black color


MgO board: 5-12mm

Gypsum board: 9.5mm,  12.5mm


595x595,600x600,603x603,1200x2400mm, other size customized



Size of Round hole

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm available

Size of Square hole

5*5mm, 10*10mm, 12*12mm available

Size of Cross hole

6mm /10mm,    8mm / 12mm

Size of Irregular hole

8/15/20mm, 12/20/35mm available

Size of Micro hole

3*3mm square hole, 3mm round hole

Otherperforation variants

Rectangle hole, Long round hole, Cellular hole (honeycomb hole)

Perforation Patterns

H1, H2, H2L, H4, H4L, H6, H8

Perforation Rate


Sound Absorption

aw 0.65   NRC 0.70

Climate (RH)



9.4 Kg/m2


0.1w/m k


Suspending ceiling,  wall partition

Other installation Materials

Multipurpose Interior Putty,Jointing Compound,Drywall Screw,Paper Tape,Glass Fiber Mesh.    (we also offer these products)

Model of Round hole Perforated Gypsum board:


Perforation Data

Model : 6/18 R

Perforation: Round Hole 

Hole Pitch: 18mm

Perforation Rate: 8.7%

Standard Dimensions: 

9.5 x 1200x  2400mm

Perforation Data

Model: 8/12/50R

Perforation: Cross hole

Hole Pitch: 50mm

Perforation Rate: 13.1%

Standard Dimensions: 

9.5 x 1200x 2400mm

  Main Features  

1. Sound absorption and Noise reduction

2. Light weight in unit acreage

3. High edge rigidity

4. Strong nail pull resistance 

5. Smoothness

6. Green products


Painting and Decoration

Finishes applied to plasterboard surfaces can have a significant effect on the perceived quality of the installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist.

--Textured or heavy patterned finishes tend to hide imperfections

--Matt finishes minimize imperfection visibility

--Semi-gloss and gloss finishes highlight imperfections

--Light colours are less likely to show imperfections and impact damage






We can supply MgO perforated panel in the same specifications of Gypsum perforated panel. If you want to know more about Gypsum perforated panel or MgO perforated panel, please  directly send your inquiry to our email: