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Fiberglass Ceiling

Fiberglass ( glass wool) Acoustic Ceiling Board & Blanket

It is made from sound absorbing plate of fiberglass free-asbestos as basis material and its surface is compound sprayed fiberglass decorative felt. It features good sound absorbing effect, heat preservation, high fire retardant, high strength level ,beautiful decorative effect, etc. it can improve acoustical environment of building and raise peoples quality of work and living. It is widely used for indoor space, such as hospital, meeting room, exhibition hall, cinema, library ,studio, gymnasium , phonetic classroom, shopping place ,etc.

The fiberglass ceiling tiles are manufactured from high density dry felt resin boned fiberglass wool , With fine texture painted glass tissue face , Plain tissue back and sealed and painted edges.


Different DesignsBasic MaterialTorrefaction compounded high density fiber glass wool
Edge TypeSquare, Tegular, Concealed
Surface1) Special painted after laminating with decorative fiberglass tissue    - - FIBERGLASS CEILING2) PVC - PVC FIBERGLASS CEILING3) Magnesium oxide Board –PERFORATED MGO FIBERGLASS CEILING4) Wrapped with special decorative fabric–DECORATIVE FIBERGLASS PANEL
ColorsWhite , black or others to customize
Main performance parameters Fire ResistantCLASS A,  non-combustible
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC)0.9-1.0,excellent sound absorption
Thermal resistant≥0.4(m2.k/m)
HumidityDimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at 40°C
No sagging,wrapping or delaminating
Moisture  rate≤1%
SafetyLimit of radionuclides in building materials
Specific activity of 226 Ra:Ira≤1.0
Specific activity of 226 Ra, 232 Th, 40K:Ir≤1.3
Iromental impactTiles and packings are fully recyclable
CertificatesCE, SGS, ISO9001:2008,CE, KFI








Main Features

1)Sound Absorption 

NRC can reach 0.9-1.0.

2) Fire-resistant

As fiberglass consists of rock fibers, which are combustible. So both basic board and decorative facing of Ecopan panel has achieved Class A fire-resistant property, which has tested by National Authority of China.

3) Thermal-insulation

Block off the colds outdoor and prevent hear from spreading in or out from indoors. It can make energy-saving and also to create a quiet and comfortable environment.

4) Humidity

Dimension stable in high humidity, no sagging, warpping or delamination compared with normal wet-craft made mineral wool acoustical panel.

5) Elegant

Standard quiet white facing, personalized designs will give you a fashionable and comfortable visual feeling. Also other various colors can be ordered.

6) Easy-Cleaning

Special painting on the facing make Ecopan fiberglass panel can be longtime used and seldom absorb dust or Vacuum. You can clean the face with eight wet or dry mop.


Mildew and stains resistant, no pollution. It is a new kind of green and healthy building material. Fully recyclable.

8) Safety and Convenience

No safeguards are needed for the insulation. The working site will still keep clean and tidy as no fibers will fall off. Either exposed or concealed grids are available for the installation. Because of the light weight, the panels are widely used in constructions with large spans in space, such as gymnasiums, exhibition halls, shopping centers, etc. They are easy to trim and install.

9) Light reflection

The LR can reach 0.86

10) Nonstick Dust.


Fiberglass Ceiling Board has excellent sound absorption effect, there are many different pattern of surface can be chosen. It is widely used in school. hospital, stadium, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, studio, conference room, entertainment place.




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DensitySize(mm)ThicknessPackageLoading quantity (40HQ)
100 KG/m3600x600mm12mm 25PCS/CTN13300PCS/532CTNS/4788SQM
600x600mm15mm 20PCS/CTN10640PCS/532CTNS/3830.4SQM
600x600mm20mm 15PCS/CTN7980PCS/532CTNS/2872.8SQM
600x600mm25mm 12PCS/CTN6384PCS/532CTNS/2298.2SQM
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