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Magnesium Oxide board

WELLYOUNG Magnesium Oxide board (also named MgO board) is a multi-functional fire-resistant sheet material of high quality. Magnesium Oxide Board is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects; does not feed mold or mildew; is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible; is durable, maintains it’s dimensional stability – even when wet; and has exceptional bonding surface.

Due to its advanced technical features and benefits, WELLYOUNG MgO based products is considered to be a better, “greener”, and affordable alternative to existing board materials, for example: calcium silicate board, plywood board, gypsum or fibre-cement-based boards.


All our products are tested to European quality (EN) standards and American Standards(ASTM),  assuring that our products have been thoroughly tested and meet all European and North American directives that apply in the areas of safety, health and the environment. 


MgO board vs. Calcium Silicate board
MgO board vs. Fiber Cement board

Compared to Calcium Silicate board, WY MgO board:
› Has a higher bending strength: 20 MPa (silicate board 9-10 MPa)
› Is 100% recyclable(silicate board is non-recyclable)
› Is non-toxic(silicate board contains silicates, and tracks of asbestos)
› Does not react to water.

Compared to Fibre-Cement board, WY MgO board :
› Has a low density: 975 kg/m3 :(cement board:1250–1350kg/m3)
› Has a higher bending strenght:20 MPa(cement board:7MPa)
› Is easier to cut (CNC/Laser)
› Is non-toxic (cement board contains silicates)


MgO board vs. Gypsum board
MgO board vs. Plywood

Compared to Gypsum, WY MgO board:
 Has a higher bending strength:20 MPa (gypsum: 6-8 MPa)
 Has a higher Fire resistance (60 min.): 9mm board (gypsum: 15mm)
 Has a higher impact strength
 Doesn't deform when emerged in water (gypsum does deform)
 Is resistant to fungi and mould.

Compared to plywood board, WY MgO board:
› Has a significant lower swelling ratio:< 0,2% (plywood: up to 13%)
› Has a high fire resistance: Class A1 (plywood: class E)
› Is easier to cut (CNC/Laser)
› Has a consistant quality
› Is resistant to insects (termites)


Common MgO board
- Frontside: white, smooth surface

- Backside: white, rolled backside

Sanded MgO board
- Frontside: white, smooth surface

- Backside: white, sanded backside 



Different Process on Mgo board

Tapered Edge, Beveled Edge, Shiplap flooring mgo board


Specifications of WELLYOUNG Magnesium Oxide board